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Humanistic Modern Astrology / Astrology Today Documentary (Full Movie)

The Best Introductory Guide to REAL Astrology - Watch The Astrological Voyager - http://bit.Dy/1ctt0H4 (Accompanying Film with Original DVD) A documentary I made back in 2005 packaged along with Tao of the Astrological Voyager on DVD. Discussing the current trend in Astrology and its role toward the humanistic movement. OFFICIAL DVD DESCRIPTION : Most rules for planetary pictures are familiar with Astrology in horoscopes found in newspapers and magazines. But unknown to most, Astrology is a complex art that develops an INDIVIDUAL horoscope based on the persons time of birth, city of birth and year of birth. Astrology Today tracks the various changes and evolutions of Astrology and its developments. Interviewing practising astrologers such as Glen Perry, Ray Merrimac, Monica Dimeano and Chris McRae. Outlining the changes from a fatalistic art in the heyday of medieval culture - to horoscope the psychological humanistic view.


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